About Employee Development Programs

Employee Development Programs are designed to educate and train employees on the latest technologies and strategies supporting business and brand development initiatives.

Investing in the development of key employees continually pays dividends, as they bring new skills to the workplace.

Whether a business is focused on minimizing marketing expenses, by bringing tasks in-house, or bringing new employees up to speed on powerful business tools to increase efficiency. Ensuring employees have the right training and understanding of business processes and strategy is a critical component to establishing a strong workplace culture that produces results.

Employee Training & Development spend has grown at a rate of 15-20% annually since 2014.

About Employee Development Programs
Getting Started Employee Development Programs

How We Implement Employee Development Programs

Our approach to employee development is one that focuses on high retention and results in a strong application to business and brand development goals.

Businesses that roll out new marketing initiatives, technologies, or a new corporate strategy can invest in group development programs. Group development is designed to align efforts across departments. By establishing a solid foundation of understanding for employees that covers the high-level strategy behind a businesses approach, in addition to the technical hurdles required to operate at optimal levels of performance.

For new employees or staff that going to be taking on additional responsibilities, we also have a development program that is a one-to-one focused.

Regardless of the format, the goal is simple. High-level business strategy meets technical competency and performance.

JaxonLabs Employee Development Promises

We understand the importance of investing in new skills and ways of thinking. Our vast experience working with teams and individuals to bring employees up to speed on the latest approaches to marketing, branding, and strategy. In addition to the technologies required to implement effective change in the workplace is something we are very proud of.

This is what you can expect from a JaxonLabs Employee Development Program

1. Establish clear goals for employee development.

2. Initial evaluation of employee understanding & skills in relation to the development program.

3. Unique strategy and technology training based around company specific objectives.

4. Enjoy the process of learning new skills.

Employee Development Training: Promises

Group & Individual Training Programs.

Business & Brand Strategy Training Program

1. The Foundation of Business Strategy

2. Strategic Brand Thinking

3. Corporate Culture

Digital Marketing Training Program

1. Website Maintenance

2. Blogging & Lead Generation

3. Social Media Marketing & Advertising

4. Design: Adobe Creative Suite

5. Email Marketing

6. Online Resources & Productivity

IT Training Program

1. Privacy & Security Best Practices

2. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

3. Enterprise Software Proficiency

4. Troubleshooting