Strategic Planning Consulting

Does your company have a clear strategic plan outlining your business model, strategies, and tactics you will utilize to establish brand value while maximizing profitability? If so, when was the last time you revisited your plans?

Truth is, most businesses don’t spend adequate time focusing on this aspect of their business. In today’s complex business environment, strategic planning is crucial to organizational alignment. Especially to assign priority and accountability on actionable items.

What To Expect From JaxonLabs Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Division Helps Businesses Develop A Clear Pathway To A Successful Future. Our Focus is Corporate Vision, Business Planning, Marketing Strategy, & Brand Strategy.

Business Strategic Planning Consulting

There are many different aspects of a business that all contribute to overall success. Our clients have different strengths, weaknesses, and goals they are working towards. Our mission is to bring clarity to those goals while developing stepping stones of actionable items that will inevitably lead them there.

Some businesses are focused on developing out the structure of their business from a fundamental standpoint. Which involves questions like, what products and services should I offer? Who is my target market? How do I become more profitable?

Other businesses have a clearer sense of what they want to sell, who they want to sell it to, but lack effectiveness in building a “brand.” Sometimes this brand vision is shared amongst a few members of the team but doesn’t resonate throughout the organization. This is where building a brand strategy and establishing a corporate vision, mission and values can be effective. Aligning everyone around the emotional elements that are designed to set your business apart from the competition.

We also see a lot of businesses struggling to incorporate technology into their business effectively. Which can be difficult without a fulltime department dedicated to IT infrastructure. Developing a strategy for technology adoption and implementation can be as critical as any other strategic plan.

Which Strategy Do You Require?

Corporate Vision

Strategic Planning - Corporate Vision Consulting

Corporate Vision Overview:

Vision is one of the keys to success. The greatest minds from Ben Franklin, John D. Rockefeller, to Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs all shared this ability. Creating a vision of their future, and establishing goals that led them to success.

This is what we give our clients, and our greatest strength as a company.

JaxonLabs Corporate Vision Consulting Services:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Vision Statement
  3. Core Values
  4. Goal Setting

Business Strategy & Planning

Strategic Planning - Business Plan Consulting

Business Strategy & Planning Overview:

Businesses need a business plan for a variety of reasons, but on thing is certain. They want a to establish clear goals and the most direct pathway to higher levels of profitability and impact. Whether a company is seeking capital from investors, trying to flush out the viability of an idea or working to refocus organizational efforts through strategic business planning we have services that can be tailored to each need.

Our proprietary framework is utilized to identify unique opportunities for businesses in their market, and the actions required to succeed.

JaxonLabs Business Strategy & Planning Services:

  1. Business Description – Establish clear scope of business
  2. Products/Services – Create your game plan for product/service development and management
  3. Market Analysis – Analyze market and establish your position
  4. Marketing Strategy – Develop your plan to increase consumer engagement
  5. Management – Key roles and responsibilities
  6. Financials – Understand the numbers and establish your working budget

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Planning - Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing Strategy Overview:

Businesses that have great products and services need the right strategy for maximizing engagement across all marketing channels. Our full-service marketing plans help businesses focus in on their target consumers needs, differentiate their brand & products from the competition and narrow in on a unique selling proposition that we can push through all opportunities we identify together to leverage the brand.

Leverage the power of a holistic marketing strategy.

JaxonLabs Marketing Strategy Services:

  1. Executive summary – Overarching summary of marketing objectives, target markets, and milestones
  2. Customer Identification – Establish your core consumer and their purchasing behavior
  3. Differentiation – We need to separate you from the competition
  4. Unique Selling Proposition – Create an exact statement of what you can offer your clients
  5. Pricing & Positioning Strategy – Establish high-value pricing strategy and marketplace positioning
  6. Identify Advertising Opportunities & Promotions – We need to identify the best places to broadcast your message
  7. Online Marketing Strategy – A comprehensive plan to leverage our online tools
  8. Strategic Milestones – Our achievements along the way that affirms your direction.

Brand Strategy

Strategic Planning - Brand Strategy Consulting

Brand Strategy Overview:

A sound brand strategy is the cornerstone of all great businesses. Brand development touches all aspects of company’s strategy. From the culture of an organization and assets designed for external stakeholders to the financial decisions impacting product development and customer experiences.

Brand building begins when businesses tap into the authenticity of their unique culture and shape it to the marketplace.

JaxonLabs Brand Strategy Services

  1. Brand Story – A narrative that helps the audience understand the culture and history of the brand
  2. Psychology – Develop a brand persona
  3. Product/Service Presentation – Create an approach to displaying products for sales
  4. Color Theory & Brand Vernacular – The colors you use, and the lingo you speak