Project Management

When It Comes To Large Complex Projects Or Putting The Finishing Touches On Existing Ones. Feel Assured Knowing Our Project Management Team Is Working Our Hardest To Bring The Results You’re Expecting.

Having a great idea is one thing, implementing those ideas successfully requires a different set of skills. A project manager that grasps the importance and technical aspects of each process while managing the relationships with individuals to drive results is a valuable asset.

JaxonLabs leverages well-established project management concepts to take the ideas from a strategic plan and brings them to fruition.

What Our Project Management Services Offer

Business executives have a lot of responsibility. That is why they trust JaxonLabs to manage the most critical projects within their organization.

Our open style of communication and use of the latest technologies ensures reliability across project management initiatives.

Businesses are faced with decisions about growth and adapting new ideas in order to stay relevant. Sometimes this involves reaching out of our comfort zone and trying something new. Whether that is implementing a new technology, changing the structure of our business and assigning new responsibilities to key individuals, launching a new product, reinventing a brand, or getting more involved in the community through events.

Regardless of the task, businesses feel confident in JaxonLabs, because we understand the high-level thinking that goes into strategy. Simply put, our team also knows how to get things done. Our proven process for tackling projects, working with individuals to train them on new processes is the backbone of our company.

We are well versed in the different philosophies that run businesses and can adapt our style or project management to fit in with each businesses culture. Our approach to addressing unforeseen challenges and open communication is a major asset when implementing new ideas.

Change is inevitable, why not enjoy the process? That is our philosophy.

Which Project Management Service Do You Require?

Brand Development

Project Management - Brand Development

Brand Development Overview:

We have all read it, a brand is how customers feel about your company, not necessarily how you feel about it. Although it is important to have a strong belief in what your brand is trying to achieve. Sometimes get lost trying to get everyone else recognizes us for those values.

That’s where we come in. JaxonLabs will help you navigate the expansive landscape of brand asset development, by integrating the right materials and principles that work best for the culture of your company.

Brand Development Services:

  1. Story Boarding & Design Principles
  2. Vendor Evaluation & Project Management
  3. Employee & Culture Development
  4. Brand Audit & Optimization

Marketing Execution

Marketing Strategy Consulting Image

Marketing Execution Overview:

You know what your business can offer, who your customers are, and all these ideas on how to market your products and services. Now its time to see some results.

JaxonLabs will go to the furthest parts of the world to help you spread your message. You can feel confident that we will represent your company as our own. Connecting with industry influencers, equipping your sales team with the right sales material, and setting up the right infrastructure to engage interested customers.

We are the business version of a Navy SEAL, we will plan and/or execute all your marketing initiatives.

JaxonLabs Marketing Execution Services:

  1. Demand Generation
  2. Conversion Optimization
  3. Go-To-Market Implementation
  4. Strategic Partnership Engagement

IT Project Managment

Web Development - Custom Website Consulting

IT Project Management Overview:

IT projects are often complex, merging overall corporate objectives with technical capabilities to create environments and workflows that improve productivity and performance. Our background in strategy, programming, networking, and management information systems can be leveraged for executive teams to hedge their investment in massive software and other digital infrastructure initiatives.

It pays dividends to have someone in your corner that understands how technologies work. More importantly, how they are applied to your business goals.

JaxonLabs IT Project Management Services:

  1. Software & Vendor Evaluation
  2. IT Implementation & Setup
  3. Employee Training

Product Development

Project Management - Product Development

Product Development Overview:

Looking to develop a new product or service? JaxonLabs helps businesses navigate those waters. From prototyping & finalizing a production sample, to supply chain optimization and logistics. We have been through the process numerous times, and have a great network of partners to utilize.

JaxonLabs ensures your products are developed with your holistic business objectives in mind.

That’s what happens when you combine business & brand development with engineering smarts.

JaxonLabs Product Development Services:

  1. Product Design
  2. Sourcing & Prototyping
  3. Supply Chain Optimization
  4. Logistics

Event Planning

Event Planning Consulting Firm Image

Event Planning Overview:

We have some partners that are the cream of the crop when it comes to event organizers. Our job is to help mediate this process for your company, as we let our expert event organizers take control.

We love bringing people together to share ideas. We recently put on an event connecting entrepreneurs with our partner  funDAMENTAL Event Planning

Full disclosure: Our favorite events are golf tournaments.

JaxonLabs Event Planning Services:

  1. Corporate Retreats
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Small & Large Corporate Events
  4. Employee Recognition