Advertising Consulting

Effective Advertising Is The Combination Of Art & Science. Designed To Create Engagement Through Reach & Exposure.

Whether focusing on corporate, product, or direct response objectives. JaxonLabs utilizes digital, traditional & experiential advertising tactics grounded in fundamental psychology to produce the “Big Idea” advertising campaign needed to gain real traction in the marketplace.

David Ogilvy, the modern pioneer of advertising is someone we look up to in our culture. We bring his timeless principles to work in the modern digital environment.

Today, we have access to much more information about our audience’s behavior through big data offered through most platforms. This allows us to focus our efforts on finding a very specific audience for your business.

What To Expect From JaxonLabs Advertising Consulting

Our Advertising Consulting Works With Businesses To Establish The Big Idea Behind Their Campaigns & Clear Objectives For Traction. We Do This Through A Diverse Set Of Channels, Leveraging Paid Advertising, Influencer Marketing & Optimization.

The “Big Idea” is what sets great ad campaigns apart from the mediocre. How we apply your “Big Idea” to the sales aspect of advertising is where the art becomes science. We have some of the industries best partners for developing creative to create a unique artistic approach to your business as well.

Building the right portfolio of different ad channels, utilizing social media platforms, traditional advertising, and influencer marketing is something we specialize in. Utilizing data and analytics, we track results from the very beginning of your campaign to monitor results and hedge spending.

Our tested process of optimization means your campaigns will only see improved results over time.

Which Advertising Consulting Service Is Right For You?

Corporate Advertising

Advertising Consulting, Media Buying, Advertising

Corporate Advertising Overview:

The goal here is simple. Create exposure for your organization as a whole. Corporate advertisements are designed to create a perceived level of value in the mind of your customer. The big picture is a big deal.

Our primary purpose is to get your name & logo, corporate persona, and value delivered embedded in the minds of prospective customers. Otherwise known as hype.

We will design a campaign optimized for engagement & conversions on every major channel relevant to your business.

JaxonLabs Corporate Advertising Services:

  1. Campaign Ideation & Big Picture Development
  2. Creative Story Boarding & Vendor Evaluation
  3. Media Buying
  4. Data & Analytics
  5. Optimization

Product & Service Advertisements

Product Advertising Consulting, Direct Advertising

Product & Service Advertisement Overview:

Geared towards a specific product or service. This type of advertising is much more specific than a corporate advertising campaign. However, alignment with overall corporate objectives and brand positioning must be maintained.

We focus on the big idea that your product and services deliver to customers and create a campaign that exemplifies this, and work with top creatives to bring these ideas to life.

Do you have a new product/service you want exposure for? Are you looking to reach a specific customer segment?

Well, we will utilize a holistic approach leveraging different mediums and experiences to drive the value of your specific products and services.

JaxonLabs Product Advertisement Services:

  1. Campaign Ideation & Continuity With Big Picture
  2. Creative Story Boarding & Vendor Evaluation
  3. Media Buying
  4. Data & Analytics
  5. Optimization

Online Advertising

Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, Facebook Advertising

Digital Advertising Overview:

Digital.. A universe unto its own. That’s alright, we know how to navigate the different platforms. Let’s choose the right platform for your target market, develop a campaign, create an ad budget and analyze our results.

Split testing, & optimization are the keys to understanding what works for your customers. Integrating your campaigns with analytics platforms will become an integral part of monitoring success.

We’ve worked on all the major platforms, with clients from a variety of industries.

It may sound intimidating, but JaxonLabs will walk you through the process.

JaxonLabs Digital Advertising Services:

  1. Facebook & Google Adwords Campaign Design
  2. Linkedin & Youtube
  3. Segment Specific Channels
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Landing Page & Lead Capture Optimization

Direct Response Advertising

Advertising strategies, Advertising Consulting

Direct Response Overview:

Is it working or not? We will know soon enough. This advertisement vehicle works especially well with existing clients. Do they need to be restocked or are they interested in your latest product?

Many product and service providers also utilize direct response to upsell customers in their checkout stage. Would they like to add something to their order?

Yes or no, black and white. Let’s get some conversions!

JaxonLabs Direct Response Services:

  1. Campaign Development
  2. Split Testing
  3. Optimization
  4. Email Marketing