Email Marketing

List Building, Email Campaign Creation, Split Testing, Delivery & Analytics. Allow Your Business To Provide Value, While Staying Engaged With It’s Most Loyal Audience.

Email List Building

List building, Email Campaigns, Online Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Business Development

Email List Building Overview:

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market online. Which means having a big list of actively engaged customers is a good thing.

Let’s work together to create a proven model for growing your list of subscribers.

JaxonLabs Email List Building Services:

  1. Email Aquisition Funnel
  2. Stale Email Removal
  3. List Organization
  4. List Building Advertising Budget

Email Campaign Design

Graphic Design, Email, Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Business Development Consulting

Email Campaign Design Overview:

While your list is growing, we still need to engage with the existing subscribers. We will create email templates designed to drive consumer action. We can test different ways of presenting information to refine conversion ratios through split A/B testing.

Email Campaign Design Services:

  1. Goal Analysis
  2. Email Design
  3. Split A/B Testing

Delivery & Analyics

Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Strategy, Design, Sales

Delivery & Analytics Overview:

Proper targeting, analytics, and insights are the key to understanding your subscriber behavior and how to drive action. Small tweaks are the way to securing a solid marketing platform. This is our favorite part.

Delivery & Analytics Services:

  1. Delivery to Appropriate Audience
  2. Track Results & Provide Insights
    & Solutions To Increase Conversion