Social Media Management Consulting

Social Media Management Consulting is quickly becoming one of the most leveraged services for businesses focused on strengthening their brand development & digital marketing efforts. Businesses around the world are engaging with audiences on social media to stay actively engaged, while creating a pipeline for new customers and maximizing brand value.

There are many factors that separate the great social media management operations from the competitors.

Starting with a clear vision of how social media as a vehicle will drive engagement for your business. After a clear vision has been established, we can start building a schedule for specific types of content, then fill it with everything that your audience finds value in.

Social Media Management - Content Scheduling

Content Scheduling

Consistency is key. Especially when it comes to scheduling content on social media channels.

Many small businesses struggle with this aspect of managing social media because they often find themselves in a reactive state of mind, rather than taking a step back and looking at things from a 40 000 foot view.

For medium to large businesses they generally approach scheduling with a higher degree of sophistication. However, there is always room for growth, especially when it comes to analyzing engagement and optimizing posting times based user activity.

Whether you are small, medium, or large scale enterprises, a hiring a Jaxonlabs Consultant that can help your business get the most out of your content scheduling strategy is a great investment in maximizing return on your social media efforts. We will assess your business goals, how they relate to your social media strategy, and work with your marketing team to ensure you have a schedule that is unique to your business.

Social Media Management - Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Content is designed to be optimized. As data is collected, businesses can focus in on the tactics that are driving engagement and lead generation from their social media efforts.

Whether you need to adapt your tone, call to actions, or even researching new hashtags to include that will create exposure to an audience that is within your target market. It is always wise to invest in continually improving this process.

Social Media Management - Content Curation

Content Curation

Many great social media management strategies include content curation. It helps to leverage the work done by other researches and industry influencers to develop credibility and tap into their audience to grow yours.

With the right balance of unique content and curated news from the industry, your business will become a content authority on each social media platform.

Social Media Management - Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Engagement is everything with social media management. How do you create discussions? Take it one step further to turning people into active customers based on these engagements?

JaxonLabs social media management consultants will design a formula for dealing with the different situations that can arise in audience engagement. Businesses need to know how to handle negative feedback, questions, and even positive reviews on social media platforms.

Social Media Management - Influencer Outreach

Influencer Outreach

We have talked about curating content, now lets talk about how we can get your content curated by social media influencers. There are many different strategies we can utilize depending on your business and the social media influencers you wish to engage with.

The end goal is to create more exposure with credible sources within your industry.

Social Media Management - Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Organic growth is the most sustainable for long term success. However the right advertising strategy can help all businesses get instant feedback on their content and growth a strong foundation.

JaxonLabs social media management consultants have a great foundation in building advertising funnels on different social media platforms, analyzing the data and optimizing for a larger reach with a lower cost per click ratio.