Corporate Brand Identity

Brand is one of the most valuable assets a business can leverage. Brand identity needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it properly and authentically represents the business and key messages you are conveying to stakeholders. There are many details that craft a brand identity.

The Name, Logo Design, Tagline’s & Brand Vocabulary, Color & Font Selection, Business Cards, Email Signatures, and even Your Social Media Cover Photos are all aspects of brand identity that need to be strategically aligned with your brand strategy.

Corporate Identity Brand Naming

Brand Naming

Naming your brand is a common dilemma, with a lot riding on this one decision.

Brand Names are the first step in establishing a quick and meaningful connection with customers and stakeholders. Whether you are building the next great startup, or trying to reposition your existing business in the marketplace. A memorable brand name is the cornerstone of your corporate brand identity.

If you want confidence in your decision, consult JaxonLabs for critical step in establishing a strong brand identity. We will ensure that your business decides on a brand name that embodies the essence of your company.

These are the areas you can count on JaxonLabs to help:

Brand Name Brainstorming
Trademark Office Search
Website Domains
Social Media Platforms

Corporate Identity Logo Design

Logo Design

The Logo Design is a major piece of the branding puzzle. As your logo quickly brings all of your brand essence together in a simple icon. JaxonLabs will work with your team to establish a logo that is versatile, compelling and true to your business’s nature.

Corporate Identity Brand Tagline

Tagline & Brand Vocabulary

Developing the right tagline can seriously help aid the efforts of your brand name and logo.

It is also important to start developing a vocabulary that resonates with your audience and the psychological feelings you are trying to evoke. Some of this is already natural within your organization and all you need is a 3rd party to help you establish some guidelines by which you communicate to your customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Corporate Identity Social Media Cover

Social Media Cover Photo Design

Your Facebook Page should be a focal point of marketing. Facebook’s search engine credibility often boosts your page to the top when people are searching for it on the internet. Another opportunity to present your brand’s value proposition and call to action.

Corporate Identity Business Cards

Business Cards

The Business Card is the first tangible piece of branding that prospective clients & stakeholders make contact with. It is imperative that business cards bring all the elements of corporate brand identity together. Paper selection, Presentation of your brand assets, social media handles, phone numbers, email addresses and business titles all need to be considered, and how they related to the brand impression.