Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Management Team Will Develop A Clear Vision For Your Company’s Future. Our Focus is Creating Business Plans, Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy & Brand Policy.

JaxonLabs Strategic Planning Philosophy

Vision is one of the keys to success. The greatest minds from Ben Franklin, John Rockefeller, to Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs all had something in common. The ability to envision the future they wanted, and establish goals that would ultimately lead them to their success. This is what we give our clients, and probably our greatest strength as a company.

Visionary Thinking

Business Mapping

  • Business Description – Establish clear scope of business
  • Products/Services – Create your gameplan for product/service development and management
  • Market Analysis – Analyze market and establish your position
  • Marketing Strategy – Develop your plan to increase consumer engagement
  • Management – Key roles and responsibilities
  • Financials – Understand the numbers and establish your working budget
Business Planning and Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Executive summary – Overarching summary of marketing objectives, target markets, and milestones
  • Customers Identification – Establish your core consumer and their purchasing behavior
  • Differentiation – We need to separate you from the competition
  • Unique Selling Proposition – Create an exact statement of what you can offer your clients
  • Pricing & Positioning Strategy – Establish high value pricing strategy and marketplace positioning
  • Identitfy Advertising Opportunities & Promotions – We need to identify the best places to broadcast your message
  • Online Marketing Strategy – A comprehensive plan to leverage our online tools
  • Strategic Milestones – Our achievements along the way that affirms your direction.
Marketing strategy development

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Story – A Narrative that helps the audience understand the culture and history of the brand
  • Psychology – Develop a brand persona
  • Product/Service Presentation – Create an approach to displaying products for sales
  • Color Theory & Brand Vernacular – The colors you use, and the lingo you speak
Brand Planning