How JaxonLabs Sets Fees

We only have a few services that are charged by a pre-determined fixed fee. Mostly everything else depends on the scope of work and results expected. Billing occurs Quarterly or Monthly. JaxonLabs does require a good faith deposit. Which is used as seed capital for your project, and is determined by:

  • The overall scope of the project, which modules will be involved and what tasks you’ll need JaxonLabs to complete.
  • The sophistication and specific needs of your business.
  • The quality of your existing materials, including early drafts or revisions of work.
  • The clarity of your business model, marketing and distribution strategy.
  • The complexity of your industry and business model.
  • The availability of industry information.
  • The desired timing in relation to our workload. In general rush jobs are charged a premium over project that can be completed within our schedule.
  • By the way, if you are “price shopping,” you should know that price doesn’t tell the whole story. Would you choose one car over another simply because of price? Of course not – there are many dimensions you need to consider.


Hourly Pricing Model

If you just need some help testing ideas for a few hours we are willing to work this way for your business. hourly rates vary depending on your requirements.


Deliverable & Result Based Pricing Model

Want the most value? Let us show you some results and bill you according to the project at hand. We are fair in our dealings and want the best for your company.