Frequently Asked Questions About Our Business Development Modules & Consulting Services.

What is modular business development?

There are so many different tools and services a company can utilize to create a strong and profitable brand. The trouble generally lies in knowing exactly which ones to leverage for your specific business. Our modules are pieces of a puzzle that ultimately creates a model of success. Depending on your current situation we will introduce the tools your business needs to achieve your goals. View Our Process

Why is JaxonLabs modular business development right for your company?

We have designed our business model to compliment existing company strengths. Most businesses can leverage certain tools to strengthen their position. We will bring you exactly the tools your business needs because we solve problems from a holistic viewpoint.

How do we know which modules are right for your business?

We do an initial evaluation and offer our golf course consulting session. Our team asks questions, listens to your concerns and will propose certain solutions based around your goals.

Is JaxonLabs modular business development worth the investment?

We believe it is, and so do our past clients. On average, we save people more money by spending it strategically, and creating profit. That is the difference when you have a business development company who has expertise across multiple development platforms. A great foundation for innovation.

What makes JaxonLabs solutions bespoke?

Our tools and services are specifically tailored to your company, like a great suit. Your idiosyncrasies and strengths are important to keep in tact and we create solutions to enhance who you already are.

Does JaxonLabs work with small companies, or only large organizations?

We have a healthy mix of clients, and methods of delivering you value. We only work with the ones we share a passion for. Big or small we are interested in what you are trying to build.

Strategic planning is JaxonLabs cornerstone, what makes it so valuable?

Over the years we have come in contact with many different businesses and areas of business development. We believe this puts us in an interesting position to filter through your information to the key hinge points and strengthen them. We will write them out so you can distribute them throughout your organization.

I noticed JaxonLabs offers golf retreat strategic planning session, how does this work?

Nothing beats a day on the course, strategizing about ways to overcome your business obstacles. JaxonLabs wants to spend this time with you getting to know each other and diving into parts of your business over dinner. We offer a customized report on your business within 72 hours that is worth every penny.

Does JaxonLabs offer any sort of introductory or free consultation?

If you want to send us an email with your situation, we can give you a brief overview of your business and what we feel is the best road of travel. We would do that for anyone

Will JaxonLabs sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Absolutely, sometimes we like to sign a mutual NDA. There is a lot of valuable information being passed around, we want to make sure it stays confidential for your safety.

How does JaxonLabs structure fees?

Typically we charge a pre-determined fixed fee, whether you want to pay for hourly services or on a project basis. JaxonLabs does require a certain percentage in retainer to use as seed capital for the project, which is determined by: Fee Structure

Why am I paying a retainer?

It’s one of those things that pays dividends. If we have built your confidence and you want us to work on your business having that leverage to get your projects moving really helps us make the biggest difference.

Do you have any past clients that would vouch for your work?

Absolutely, if we have clients that relate to the work we are doing for you we are happy to pass you along to understand their experience.

Where is JaxonLabs located, and how do you work with clients outside your local area?

JaxonLabs has homebases in Canada(Sherwood Park, AB) and in the USA (Phoenix, AZ). We utilize technology and a strong network partners to complete work across North America. If you have a problem, we are happy to fly out and see what we can do for your business.